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Who is the kicker for Baltimore Ravens?

Justin Paul Tucker

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Also to know is, is Tucker still on the Ravens?

Justin Tucker plans to be making kicks for the Ravens for a long time. Baltimore's beloved kicker has signed a four-year extension, which will keep him under contract through the 2023 season. Tucker was set to enter the final year of his second contract, last signed in 2016.

Subsequently, question is, who was the kicker for the Baltimore Ravens before Justin Tucker? Cundiff was released by the Ravens on August 26, 2012; he was replaced by rookie kicker Justin Tucker.

Also to know, what happened to the Ravens kicker?

BALTIMORE -- A rookie Baltimore Ravens kicker from Norway has been hospitalized after an apparent assault in an impoverished Baltimore neighborhood. Police and the team confirmed that Kaare Vedvik was injured early Saturday. The Ravens said Vedvik was being treated for head injuries.

Is Justin Tucker the best kicker in the NFL?

Tom Brady might not be the only GOAT on the field Sunday. Justin Tucker is regarded by many to be the best kicker in the NFL today. This morning, he was named the Special Teams Player of the Month for October.

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