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Who is the hardest football firm in England?

From 2010 to 2015, the Bushwackers were responsible for 248 arrests with 152 being for violent and public disorder offences. 64 Bushwackers are currently banned from attending a Millwall game.

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Similarly one may ask, who are the most feared football firms?

25 Fearsome Soccer Hooligan Gangs You Never Want To Meet In Person

  • Dynamo Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Lazio Roma, Italy.
  • Slask Wroclaw, Poland.
  • Galatasaray Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Millwall FC , England.

Furthermore, what is a firm in England? A Football firm is often the term given to a group of football hooligans who are travelling together often to engage in violence with the other teams firm. Football firms often have 'firm' within their name for example 'West ham ICF' the 'Inter City Firm' The Story Of Hooligan Britain. In a nutshell.

One may also ask, which English football team has the worst hooligans?

TOP 10

  • Newcastle United - 111.
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers - 75.
  • West Ham United - 57.
  • Millwall - 55.
  • Manchester United - 49.
  • Liverpool - 44.
  • Barnsley - 43.
  • Chelsea - 42.

Which football team has the worst hooligans?

The 1985 riot involving fans of Birmingham and Leeds United is one of the worst in football history.

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