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Who is the best Migos?

Who is the best Migo?
  • Offset — Coming in as the best Migo (fresh off his recent marriage to hip-hop star Cardi B and success with his album “FATHER OF 4”) is none other than Offset.
  • Quavo — The glamor of the group and the closest thing to a modern-day rockstar is Quavo, the man with the autotuned hooks.

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People also ask, who is the leader of Migos?


Secondly, why takeoff is the best in Migos? Top 10 Reasons Why Takeoff is the Best in the Migos

  • He spits fire. Narcos is all I'll say.
  • He has the best flow. Flows like the Danube.
  • He has the best single. He's gotten a whole album now. -
  • He can do everything a rapper needs to.
  • He has a unique voice.
  • He's only 23.
  • He's the most consistent.
  • He was the best part of "Motorsport"

Subsequently, one may also ask, who has the best flow in Migos?

Three reasons Offset is the best member of Migos

  • Offset has the most versatile flow. Whether it's the chorus on "Bad and Boujee," going in hard and spitting fire on "Headlock," or softly floating and changing his tempo on "Dipset," Offset can do it all.
  • Offset doesn't oversaturate.
  • Offset brings the dynamics.
  • And another one

Which Migo is richest?

Quavo Net Worth and How He Makes His Money. Quavo, also known as Quavious Keyate Marshall, is one of the three members of the rap group Migos.

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