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Who is Stuckey in into the wild?

McCandless meets Gaylord Stuckey, a sixty-three year old man who is driving an RV to a dealership in Fairbanks, in the thermal pools one morning. Although Stuckey's job strictly forbids picking up hitchhikers, he takes a liking to McCandless, and offers to drive him at least part of the way.

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Moreover, who is Westerberg in into the wild?

Wayne Westerberg. Wayne Westerberg is the owner of a grain elevator in Carthage, South Dakota, who meets McCandless when he picks him up hitchhiking in 1990. He gives McCandless jobs multiple times, and becomes close to him.

Additionally, why did Chris regret killing the moose? Chris regretted killing the moose because the only way to make it's death morally defensible was to eat every single piece of meat on it's bones and he knew how difficult it would be to preserve all of that meat. His speculation came true when maggots infested the meat and so it had spoiled.

Correspondingly, who is McCunn in into the wild?

Carl McCunn is a thirty-five year old amateur photographer who hires a pilot to drop him in the wilderness for a five month long stay to take photographs of wildlife. He forgets to arrange for someone to pick him up, and so ends up killing himself once his rations run out.

How far did Stuckey take McCandless?

Terms in this set (21) McCandless planned to hitchhike a thousand miles from Liard to Fairbanks. How far did Gaylord Stuckey drive McCandless? Stuckey drove McCandless all the way to fairbanks.

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