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Who is Sally Kramer in The Things They Carried?

On the Fourth of July, as he drives his father's big Chevrolet around the lake, he realizes that he has nowhere to go. He reminisces about his high school girlfiend, Sally Kramer, who is now married. He thinks about his friend Max Arnold, who drowned in the lake.

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Consequently, who is Sally Kramer?

Sally Kramer, whose picture he had once carried in his wallet, was one who had married. Her name now was Sally Gustafson and she lived in a pleasant blue house on the inexpensive side of the lake road.

Subsequently, question is, what did Norman Bowker carry emotionally? At war, we know that he's gentle, but carries a thumb that Mitchell Sanders cut off a VC soldier and gave to him. The only other personal thing he carries is a diary. He keeps telling Kiowa to shut up when Kiowa wants to talk about Ted Lavender's death, but eventually he's okay with listening.

Herein, who all died in the things they carried?

The collection is haunted by the deaths of O'Brien's comrades—Ted Lavender, Curt Lemon, and Kiowa.

Who was Norman Bowker in The Things They Carried?

Norman Bowker. The main character of “Speaking of Courage” is Norman Bowker. Unusually for the book, this story is set after the war, and depicts Norman driving around a lake near his parents' home on a lonely 4th of July evening in the 1970's, longing for someone to talk to about the war.

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