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Who is Portia Jett?

Portia Oduba, nee Jett, is the wife of Strictly Come Dancing champion Ore Oduba, and she works as a TV researcher. She loves Nutella and shoes, according to her Instagram bio. Portia supported Ore - pronounced "aw-ray" - on his way to victory on Strictly with pro Joanne Clifton.

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Furthermore, is Ore Oduba still married?

Ore Oduba (born 17 November 1985) is a British television and radio presenter, best known for winning the fourteenth series of BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing in 2016.

Ore Oduba
Spouse(s) Portia Jett ( m. 2015)
Children 1

Also Know, where is Ore Oduba parents from? Ore was born in November 1986 to Nigerian parents. He was raised with his brother and two sisters in Dorset. He was privately educated and went on to study Sports Science and Social Science at Loughborough University, graduating in 2008.

Thereof, how old is Oduba?

34 years (November 17, 1985)

Who did Ore Oduba dance with?

ORE ODUBA, who won Strictly Come Dancing with Joanne Clifton in 2016, admitted being part of the show can “test relationships”, as the presenter gushed about his wife Portia Oduba's “support” during his stint in the dance competition.

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