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Who is married to Sylvester Stallone?

Jennifer Flavin
m. 1997
Brigitte Nielsen
m. 1985–1987
Sasha Czack
m. 1974–1985

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Considering this, is Sylvester Stallone still married?

Thrice married, Stallone is currently wed to former model Jennifer Flavin. The couple has three daughters, Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet. He previously had two sons, Sage and Seth, with Sasha Czack. On July 13, 2012, Stallone's eldest son, Sage Moonblood Stallone, was found dead in his Los Angeles home.

what disease does Sylvester Stallone have? Social media announced the death of Sylvester Stallone yesterday and of course, social media was WRONG. The alleged cause of death was prostate cancer, which Stallone supposedly kept a secret until the end. One guy even posted pictures of him looking sickly, with much of his hair having fallen out.

Simply so, who is Bridget Nielsen married to?

Mattia Dessì m. 2006 Raoul Meyer m. 1993–2005 Sebastian Copeland m. 1990–1992 Sylvester Stallone m. 1985–1987 Kasper Winding m. 1983–1984

How many marriages has Sylvester Stallone?

three times

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