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Who is Kortopi?

Kortopi (????, Korutopi) was member #12 of the Phantom Troupe, an infamous gang of criminals with class-A bounties. He was the weakest member in the Troupe when it came to physical strength.

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Consequently, who did kurapika kill?

On the way, Kurapika, Leorio, and a number of other candidates are attacked by Hisoka, a man notorious for his bloodthirstiness. All of them are killed in a short time, except for him, Leorio, and Cherry, examinee #76.

Furthermore, does kurapika die? Eyes don't hold blood. Kurapika will die.

In this manner, who killed hisoka?

In the morning of the 3rd day, he runs into applicant #281 Agon and kills him by slitting his throat. While charging at Agon, much to his surprise, Hisoka has his badge snatched by Gon, who has been tailing him.

Is hisoka related to Gon?

GingFreecs is Gon Freeks father, who is the protagonist of this anime. He is also looking for Gon to become as strong as possible so that he can take full pleasure by fighting him at his best. So, the only relation between Ging and Hisoka is that they are having a keen eye on Gon's development as a strong person.

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