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Who is Justin in wonder?

Though quiet, Justin enjoys playing the fiddle and acting. He attends Faulkner High School, where he met Olivia Pullman and they started dating. He becomes friendly with Jack and August when he meets them at Auggie's house. He is portrayed by Nadji Jeter in Wonder.

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Likewise, people ask, who is vias boyfriend in wonder?

Summary. This section focuses on Justin, Via's new boyfriend, who calls Via by her full name, Olivia. It is written in the way that Justin himself would write it, very informally, with no capitalization. Justin recounts meeting Auggie for the first time, recalling that he was taken by surprise.

Furthermore, who is Summer Dawson in wonder? Summer Dawson is a main character in Wonder. She attends school at Beecher Prep. It was there that she met Auggie and became one of his first and best friends, after sitting next to him at lunch on the first day when no one else would. Summer lives with her mother, as her father passed away.

Then, why does Justin not use capital letters in wonder?

Why is Justin's part written without uppercase letters and without proper punctuation? So when it came to writing from Justin's point of view, because he's a musician, someone who thinks in musical terms, it just seemed natural for me to use lowercase letters to represent his thoughts in a very visual way.

Why was via worried that Justin would be freaked out by Auggie's appearance?

Via was worried that Justin would be freaked out by Auggie's appearance because throughout her life she has had to deal with people who could not handle Auggie's condition. She says, “there were lots of kids who never came back for a second playdate” (188).

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