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Who is James Lovelock and what is the Gaia hypothesis?

First formulated by Lovelock during the 1960s as a result of work for NASA concerned with detecting life on Mars, the Gaia hypothesis proposes that living and non-living parts of the Earth form a complex interacting system that can be thought of as a single organism.

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Moreover, what is the basic idea of the Gaia hypothesis?

The Gaia hypothesis, also known as Gaia theory or Gaia principle, proposes that all organisms and their inorganic surroundings on Earth are closely integrated to form a single and self-regulating complex system, maintaining the conditions for life on the planet.

Beside above, why is the Gaia hypothesis important? Nevertheless, it is important for natural and social scientists to consider this theory when they conduct research and collect data that is intended to help us understand the Earth because it provides one possible explanation for "how things work".

where did James Lovelock get the idea of Gaia?

Lovelock named the idea after Gaia, the primordial goddess who personified the Earth in Greek mythology. In 2006, the Geological Society of London awarded Lovelock the Wollaston Medal in part for his work on the Gaia hypothesis.

When was the Gaia hypothesis proposed?

Gaia hypothesis, model of the Earth in which its living and nonliving parts are viewed as a complex interacting system that can be thought of as a single organism. Developed c. 1972 largely by British chemist James E. Lovelock and U.S. biologist Lynn Margulis, the Gaia hypothesis is named for the Greek Earth goddess.

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