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Who is eligible for Trillium Drug Plan?

1. Eligibility. Only citizens living in Ontario, with a valid Ontario health card, are eligible for the Trillium Drug Program. Your household must spend a significant portion of its income on prescriptions.

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Likewise, how do I qualify for Trillium Drug Plan?

To qualify, you household must meet the following three criteria: The total household income must have reduced by at least 10% year over year; The household must already be committed for this year's program benefit year; This year's annual deductible must not already have been met.

Additionally, what drugs are covered by Trillium? Get Trillium Drug Program coverage during travel your prescription is not for a controlled drug, controlled drug preparation or a narcotic (for example, Percocet, Dilaudid, Xanax, Valium)

Correspondingly, who is eligible for Ontario Drug Benefit Program?

You may be covered by Ontario Drug Benefit if you have OHIP coverage and are: eligible for OHIP+ age 65 or older. living in a long-term care home or a home for special care.

How does Trillium Drug Plan Work?

The Trillium Drug Plan is an Ontario government program. It provides help for people who have high prescription drug costs when compared to their household incomes. People who spend about three to four percent (or more) of their after-tax household income on prescription medications may qualify for assistance.

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