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Who is Angel Pagan playing for now?

In December 2011, he was traded to the San Francisco Giants for Andrés Torres and Ramón Ramírez. While primarily a center fielder throughout his career, Pagan transitioned to left field in 2016. In April 2017, while a free agent, he announced that he would not be playing for the 2017 season.

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Keeping this in view, did Angel Pagan retire?

The former outfielder never officially retired from baseball but elected to take the 2017 season off to spend time with his family. He has not returned since. Pagán hit . 280 with 1,143 hits during his 11 seasons.

Also Know, how tall is Angel Pagan? 1.88 m

Keeping this in view, how old is Angel Pagan?

38 years (July 2, 1981)

What team is Joe Panik on?

Toronto Blue Jays #2 / Second baseman

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