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Who has oversight of the opsec program eucom?

EUCOM oversees OPSEC program, which protects critical information from getting into the wrong hands.

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Similarly one may ask, who has oversight of the opsec program?

The EUCOM Directors and EUCOM Component Commanders. OPSEC countermeasures can be used to: Prevent the adversary from detecting an indicator and from exploiting a vulnerability.

Subsequently, question is, what is the CIL opsec? Critical Information List (CIL) - A list of critical information that has been fully coordinated within an organization and approved by the senior decision maker, and is used by all personnel in the organization to identify unclassified information requiring application of OPSEC measures.

Secondly, who is responsible for implementing opsec measures?

The PM/officer implements OPSEC measures. The OPSEC officer can implement OPSEC measures by generating guidance or tasking. Personnel within the organization execute OPSEC measures.

What action should a member take if it is believed that an opsec disclosure has occurred?

[Remediation Accessed :N] Do nothing as it is not your responsibility. Take direct action and conceal the disclosure immediately as it constitutes a critical threat that must be rectified.

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