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Who has been awarded the Victoria Cross?

Three people have been awarded the VC and Bar, the bar representing a second award of the VC. They are: Noel Chavasse and Arthur Martin-Leake, both doctors in the Royal Army Medical Corps, for rescuing wounded under fire; and New Zealander Charles Upham, an infantryman, for combat actions.

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Also know, who has been awarded the Victoria Cross twice?

Charles Upham

Also Know, who received the first Victoria Cross? Charles Davis Lucas

In this way, has anyone been awarded the Victoria Cross and George Cross?

Since 1940, military personnel who have distinguished themselves for gallantry not in the face of the enemy have been awarded the George Cross, which is immediately after the VC in the Order of Wear. The Victoria Cross was extended to colonial troops in 1867.

Who earned the Victoria Cross?

No Canadian has received either honour since 1945. The first Canadian to be awarded the Victoria Cross was Alexander Roberts Dunn for his actions at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War in 1854. William Hall, a Nova Scotian, was the first black recipient of the Victoria Cross.

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