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Who guarded the golden apples?


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Just so, who guarded Hera's golden apples?

These apples were kept in a garden at the northern edge of the world, and they were guarded not only by a hundred-headed dragon, named Ladon, but also by the Hesperides, nymphs who were daughters of Atlas, the titan who held the sky and the earth upon his shoulders.

Additionally, what is the story of the golden apple? The Golden Apple. The story of the Trojan War begins with the hero Peleus, one of the Argonauts. Twice he killed one of his own relatives and was banished. Zeus invited all of the gods and goddesses, except for one, to come to this wedding of a hero and a goddess.

Also Know, how did Hercules get the golden apples?

The apples were on an island hidden at the edge of the world and were guarded by a dragon named Ladon who had 100 heads and Atlas's daughter the nymph Hesperides. It was decided; Hercules would go and steal some golden apples from Hesperides. Hercules set off at once to steal the apples.

Who helped Heracles fetch the apples of the Hesperides?


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