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Who got hurt on the 49ers?

San Francisco 49ers Injury Report
Player Position Injury
Kwon Alexander LB Pectoral
Tevin Coleman RB Shoulder
Jaquiski Tartt S Ribs

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Also to know is, who got hurt on the 49ers today?

San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman injured - NFL Videos.

Likewise, who is the best 49ers player? Jerry Rice is our No. 1 most electrifying San Francisco 49er in history. He was an amazing player and quite simply the best wide receiver to ever play the game. There are many who say he was the greatest football player ever.

Also, who did the 49ers pick up?

The 49ers have signed WR Jalen Hurd, LB Dre Greenlaw, TE Kaden Smith, OT Justin Skule and CB Tim Harris to four-year deals.

Who is hurt on the Seahawks?


Player Position Injury
Mike Iupati G Neck
George Fant T Groin
Joey Hunt C Fibula
Quinton Jefferson DT Ankle

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