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Who explored the Americas?

The Voyages of Christopher Columbus opened the New World. Italian navigator and explorer Giovanni Caboto (known in English as John Cabot) is credited with the discovery of continental North America on June 24, 1497, under the commission of Henry VII of England.

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Hereof, what countries explored the Americas?

Portugal and Spain Spain got most of the Americas while Portugal got Brazil, India, and Asia. Spain sent over conquistadors to explore the Americas and to conquer the peoples there. Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztec Empire in Mexico and Francisco Pizarro conquered the Inca Empire in Peru.

Additionally, who were the first explorers of the New World? European Exploration and Settlement in the New World

Date Explorer Event
1492 Christopher Columbus First voyage
1494 (Treaty of Tordesillas) Division of New World between Spain and Portugal
1497 John Cabot To Newfoundland ; English claim to North America
1497-98 Vasco da Gama Rounds Africa to India

One may also ask, who were the explorers of the New World?

Christopher Columbus, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, Ponce de Leon, Sir Walter Raleigh, Jacques Cartier, Henry Hudson, Hernando de Soto and John Cabot. The New World.

Who landed in America first?

Leif Eriksson

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