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Who does the speaker tell the sun to chide in Donne's the sun rising?

Lying in bed with his lover, the speaker chides the rising sun, calling it a “busy old fool,” and asking why it must bother them through windows and curtains.

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Considering this, who is the speaker in the sun rising?

Donne has the speaker declaring that the exotic countries of th'Indias with their spices and gold won't be where the sun last saw them, they'll be embodied in his lover.

Furthermore, what is the theme of the poem the sun rising? The main theme of this famous poem by Donne is about love. It is basically an aubade to his mistress upon waking in the morning, and it is a celebration of their love through the metaphysical conceit carried through in the form of the Sun.

Also question is, what type of poem is the sun rising?

The Sun Rising (also known as "The Sunne Rising") is a thirty-line poem with three stanzas published in 1633 by poet John Donne. The meter is irregular, ranging from two to six stresses per line in no fixed pattern.

Is the sun rising a metaphysical poem?

The Sun Rising, originally spelled as The Sunne Rising, is a metaphysical love poem by John Donne where the sun is personified as the 'busy old fool'. It was first published in 1633. As this poem is a metaphysical poem, it is loaded with witty conceits and unbeatable logics of John Donne.

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