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Who does Rama meet in the forest?

6. Describe the story of Sugreeva. - Rama and Lakshmana met the monkey-king, Sugriva. He tells them that he has been robbed of his wife and his dominion by his brother Valin, who has driven him from his own kingdom.

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In this regard, which Forest did Rama go to?

Dandaka forest

One may also ask, who carried Lord Rama to Vanvas? Maharaja Dashrath's

Thereof, why does Rama go to Dandaka forest?

Rama had to go to forest to eradicate various demons who were dwelling on earth causing trouble to sages. They include Simhika, khara, dushana, kabandha etc plus their demon armies. After that Ravana, Vali, Kumbhakarna, Indrajit etc were the primary ones to eradicate whom Rama had incarnated.

Who gave Sita clothes in the forest?

Sita was given Royal robes and costly ornaments such that she can wear them without any repetition for their 14years of exile. Dasarada gifted it to her when she didn't understood how to wear tree bark. Dasaratha with a warm sigh, spoke to his wife these words.

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