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Who do I call to make a complaint about my landlord?

Tenants have been forced to live in terrible housing, and neighborhoods have suffered from housing eyesores. HUD calls this a double crime: one against both tenants and taxpayers. To report a bad landlord to the Multifamily Housing Complaint Line call toll-free at (800) MULTI-70 (800) 685-8470) / TTY (800) 432-2209.

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Correspondingly, who do I contact to file a complaint against my landlord?

If you have a complaint about your landlord or your tenant, contact the Landlord and Tenant Board at 1-888-332-3234 or visit

Likewise, who do you complain to about housing associations? Complain to the Housing Ombudsman You can ask your local councillor, MP or tenant panel to refer you to the Housing Ombudsman. Alternatively, you can complain to the Housing Ombudsman directly. But you must wait until 8 weeks after your landlord gives a final response to your complaint.

Furthermore, how do I make a complaint about my landlord?

You can make a formal complaint by writing a letter to your landlord. Explain your problem and what you want them to do to solve it. Tell them what rights you have and what you think they should have done. Talk to an adviser at your nearest Citizens Advice to find out what rights you have.

Who do I report my property management company to?

Filing a complaint against a property manager involves contacting the appropriate rental housing authorities, such as federal or local housing agencies. If your complaint and rental type don't fall under the jurisdiction of housing agencies, you may need to consult an attorney or seek free legal aid for tenants.

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