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Who discovered Unununium?

Sigurd Hofmann
Victor Ninov

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Also to know is, how did Unununium get its name?

Originally known by its temporary name, unununium (Uuu -- which is my favourite atomic symbol that is associated with any of the elements' temporary names), this element was named in honour of German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, who discovered X-rays and who, in 1901, was awarded the first ever Nobel Prize in

who discovered Element 119? Present. The team at RIKEN in Wakō, Japan began bombarding curium-248 targets with a vanadium-51 beam in June 2018 to search for element 119. Curium was chosen as a target, rather than heavier berkelium or californium, as these heavier targets are difficult to prepare.

Also to know, how was Roentgenium discovered?

Discovery of Roentgenium Roentgenium was first made by research scientists at the Heavy Ion Research Laboratory in Darmstadt, Germany in 1994. The scientists bombarded nickel-64 with bismuth-209 in a heavy ion accelerator. The element is named after physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen who discovered X-rays in 1895.

When was the last element discovered?

By this means Rhenium, named after Rhine is the last discovered element in 1925 after a gram of it was successfully isolated from 660kgs of molybdite. After this all the elements have been synthesized starting with Technetium in 1936 as research in nuclear physics was begining up until Tennessine (element 117) in 2010.

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