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Who discovered DNA testing?

The Discovery of DNA Fingerprinting. In September 1984, Dr. Alec Jeffreys, a geneticist from the University of Leicester in Great Britain was studying hereditary diseases in families. He was focusing on methods to resolve paternity and immigration disputes by demonstrating the genetic links between individuals.

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In this manner, who invented DNA testing?

Sir Alec John Jeffreys

Also Know, when did DNA testing start in USA? In 1987, Florida rapist Tommie Lee Andrews became the first person in the U.S. to be convicted as a result of DNA evidence; he was sentenced to 22 years behind bars.

Also, when was DNA testing invented?

In 1986 was when DNA was first used in a criminal investigation by Dr. Jeffreys. 1986. The investigation used genetic fingerprinting in a case of two rapes and murders that had happened in 1983 and 1986.

Who was the first person convicted by DNA?

Colin Pitchfork. Colin Pitchfork (born 23 March 1960) is a British convicted murderer and rapist. He was the first person convicted of murder based on DNA fingerprinting evidence, and the first to be caught as a result of mass DNA screening.

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