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Who died on the conception boat?

Xiang Lin is one of the 34 people that died when the dive boat Conception caught fire off the coast of Santa Cruz Island.

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Likewise, what happened to the conception boat?

The Conception was a dive boat that caught fire and sank early Monday morning off Santa Cruz Island, claiming 34 lives — only five crew members survived. The crew member tried to climb down a ladder, but flames engulfed the ladder. Members of the crew that were on the bridge of the vessel jumped down to the main deck.

Secondly, how many people died on the conception? A drone photo shows the 75-foot Conception on May 3. Authorities said Friday they believe smoke inhalation caused the deaths of 34 people aboard the Conception dive boat, raising new questions about exactly where the fire started and how it spread.

Similarly one may ask, who was on the boat conception?

Allie Kurtz, 26, was a new crew member on the Conception and was the only member of the crew sleeping below deck with the passengers when the fire broke out in the middle of the night as the boat was anchored near an island off Santa Barbara.

How did the conception catch fire?

The Conception had passed U.S. Coast Guard inspection before the fire, and the electrical system met federal guidelines. But experts said frayed, loose or improperly connected wiring behind the walls could have ignited a fire. The age of the wiring, and whether it had been updated, could also be a factor.

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