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Who Captured r2d2?


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Then, who stole r2d2?


Similarly, does r2d2 remember Anakin? But just that exactly. Because in both the movies and the animated shows, it is referenced that Vader considers Anakin a completely different person from himself. Old Ben Kenobi tells Luke that Vader killed his father. If we take this question directly as asked, yes Darth Vader remembers who R2D2 is.

Then, who owns r2d2?

When we first see R2D2 (in The Phantom Menace), he is one of several robots aboard Queen Amidala's space cruiser fleeing Naboo for Tatooine. He clearly belongs to Padme. When we first see C3P0, he is in the final stages of being assembled by Anakin Skywalker.

Who created r2d2?

George Lucas

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