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Who built the first ironclad ship?

USS Monitor
United States
Built 1861–1862
Architect John Ericsson (1803–1889)
Architectural style Other, Ironclad warship

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Similarly, you may ask, who made the first ironclad?

John Ericsson

Subsequently, question is, where was the first ironclad ship made? To counter the Virginia, the Union built the USS Monitor, an innovative if strange looking vessel with a shallow draft and central rotating gun turret. On March 9, 1862, the day after the Virginia sank two Union ships, the ironclads met in battle for the first time at Hampton Roads, Virginia.

People also ask, who built the first metal ship?

The use of iron instead of wood as the primary material of ships' hulls began in the 1830s; the first "warship" with an iron hull was the gunboat Nemesis, built by Jonathan Laird of Birkenhead for the East India Company in 1839.

Who built the monitor ship?

John Ericsson

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