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Who builds York furnaces?

York Manufacturer Overview
York International Corp. — or, more simply, York® — is headquartered in York, PA. The company sells residential and light commercial furnaces, heat pumps, central air conditioners, and more. Johnson Controls Inc., York's parent company, recorded $31.4 billion in sales in 2018.

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In this manner, who owns YORK furnaces?

The York brand has been owned since August 2005 by Johnson Controls, when it was sold to them for $3.2 billion. At the time of the acquisition, it was the world's largest independent manufacturer of air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration machinery.

Beside above, who makes SmartAir furnaces? SmartAir: One of the top furnace and air conditioning brands we carry to help ensure your comfort. More than 50 years of Reliance Home Comfort™ quality, reliability and service have gone into our trusted brand of SmartAir furnaces, air conditioners and all-season HVAC systems.

Moreover, are York Furnaces any good?

York Gas Furnace Reviews [2019 Quality Buyers Guide] York Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings. York offers several gas furnaces from 80 AFUE to 98 AFUE. Their residential capacities offer between 40 BTUh and 130,000 BTUh (give or take for various models), making them ideal for most residential applications.

Are Guardian furnaces any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Good Quality and very efficient. I install these furnaces all the time. They are designed very well and I like that they are made in the USA. The efficiency is 95.5% so it qualifies for many energy rebates and grants.

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