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Who bought out Hughes Aircraft?

General Motors

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Thereof, who owns Hughes Aircraft?

Hughes Tool Company

Beside above, what planes did Howard Hughes design? Howard Hughes Aircraft

  • Hughes H-1 (Hughes 1B) Single-Seat, Single-Engine Racing Aircraft.
  • Hughes H-4 Hercules (Spruce Goose) Heavy-Lift Transport / Flying Boat Prototype.
  • Hughes Model D-2 (XP-73 / XA-37) Heavy Fighter / Fighter-Bomber / Fast Reconnaissance Prototype.
  • Hughes XR-11 / XF-11. Long-Range Photographic Reconnaissance Aircraft Prototype.

Also to know, did Howard Hughes own Boeing?

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute sold Hughes Aircraft in 1985 to General Motors for $5.2 billion. In 1997, General Motors sold Hughes Aircraft to Raytheon and in 2000, sold Hughes Space & Communications to Boeing.

Where is the Hercules airplane now?

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

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