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Who are the major figures in the battle of Yorktown?

  • Commander of the Continental Army- General George Washington.
  • Commander of the French Army- Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, Comte de Rochambeau.
  • Commander of the British Forces at Yorktown- General Lord Charles Cornwallis.

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Accordingly, who led the battle of Yorktown?

It is considered the last major land battle of the American Revolutionary War. The Continental Army, led by General George Washington, won a decisive victory against the British Army, led by General Lord Charles Cornwallis.

Secondly, what was the effect of the Battle of Yorktown on the British population? Significance of the Battle of Yorktown: The significance of the conflict was that Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington as French and American forces trapped the British at Yorktown. The British surrender at the Battle of Yorktown ended the American Revolutionary War.

Moreover, who assisted the American forces in the Battle of Yorktown?

Timeline Leading Up to the Battle In the summer of 1780, 5,500 French troops, with Comte de Rochambeau at the helm, landed in Newport, Rhode Island to aid the Americans.

What happened at the siege of Yorktown?

The culmination of the Yorktown campaign, the siege proved to be the last major land battle of the American Revolutionary War in the North American region, as the surrender by Cornwallis, and the capture of both him and his army, prompted the British government to negotiate an end to the conflict.

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