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Who are the groups in pitch perfect 3?

And although the rival male choir The Treblemakers from “Pitch Perfect 2” aren't back for “3,” bands (with instruments!) fill the void, including the generic, fictional all-woman group Evermoist and the band Saddle Up, played by real bluegrass group Whiskey Shivers.

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In this manner, who is the country group in pitch perfect 3?

Texas Americana Band Makes Surprising Appearance in 'Pitch Perfect 3' Austin Americana quintet Whiskey Shivers landed a role in the new movie Pitch Perfect 3. The film franchise follows a group of college a cappella singers called the Barden Bellas.

One may also ask, what happened to Beca and Jesse in pitch perfect 3? Jesse Is M.I.A. Jesse Swanson however, is absent, and everyone wants to know why Skylar Astin is not in Pitch Perfect 3. Back in 2016, the actor who plays Beca's boyfriend tweeted about the decision, saying, "As of now, the Trebles and I won't be in the third Pitch Perfect movie.

Also to know, who played Evermoist in pitch perfect 3?

Rebel Rose: Ruby Rose on her role in Pitch Perfect 3 | Daily Mail Online.

Are the bands Real in pitch perfect 3?

So while Evermoist is not a real band, and don't appear to be based on an actual band, the other main acts in the film — Saddle Up and Young Sparrow & DJ Dragon Nutz — are. So of the three newly formed bands in Pitch Perfect 3, it seems Evermoist is the only one that doesn't have a real world counterpart.

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