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Who are innocent smoothies target market?

Innocent Drinks target a range of customers for their products. They target adults, who keep to a healthy lifestyle, and they also target parents. They target parents as they have certain products for children, encouraging parents to keep a healthy lifestyle going for their children.

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Moreover, what is the target market for smoothies?

Juicy Fruit Smoothies Ltd has identified that the market is busy and the potential target customers will range from school and college goers to business people who will be passing by the juice bar at regular intervals and that is why location is a number one success pattern.

are Innocent smoothies from concentrate? smoothies. innocent smoothies contain the finest fruit we can find. We never add any sugar, or anything weird like colourings, and they're never, ever made from concentrate.

Similarly, who are innocent smoothies competitors?

The top 10 competitors in Innocent Drinks' competitive set are B. fresh Foods, Naked, Boost Juice Bars, Hula, Odwalla, SumoSalad, CRUSSH, The Jel Sert, Mars Drinks and PepsiCo.

Is Innocent a brand?

London-based Innocent is a brand that understands the power of exceptional, creative copywriting. Prior to the launch of Innocent, food packaging had been a fairly sober, stuffy affair.

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