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Which way does paper on insulation go?

Regardless of whether fiberglass insulation is installed in a wall, attic, or crawlspace; the paper facing should always face toward the inside of the home. That's because the paper contains a layer of asphalt adhesive which prevents water vapor from passing through it.

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Simply so, can you install insulation backwards?

Opps. "Defective: the insulation in the crawl space is wired backwards/upside down, as indicated by the direections found on the facing of the insulation. Recommend either installing the insulation present in the proper direction, or removing it and replacing the insulation with properly installed insulation."

Subsequently, question is, what side of insulation does vapor barrier go? In order to prevent condensation from forming, a vapor barrier should be placed on the warm side of your insulation to stop warm, moist air from condensing on a cold surface inside your wall. In cold climates like Canada, for most of the year the vapor barrier should be on the inside of the insulation.

Herein, is the paper on insulation a vapor barrier?

There are two basic types of vapor barriers used with exterior wall insulation. The most common is paper-faced insulation. The insulation is installed into the wall cavity with the paper facing into the house. This is very important — the paper, which is the vapor barrier, always faces the warm side of the house.

What is the purpose of paper backing on insulation?

The Purpose of Insulation Facing The paper creates a vapor barrier that helps keep the water vapor in the warm, moist, heated indoor air from migrating outward into the wall or other structure. For this reason, faced insulation is typically installed on the "warm in winter" side of the wall.

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