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Which way do you hang plasterboard?

One of the key things to remember when tackling this job is to hang your plasterboard horizontally rather than vertically. Because of the way the boards are manufactured, they have a 'grain' along their length, which means that the best strength is achieved when they're secured perpendicular to the studwork.

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In this regard, which side do you score plasterboard?

Plasterboard is cut to length by first marking then scoring a line on the face side of the board with a straight edge and Stanley knife. Then, lift the sheet off the floor and snap the board along the score line.

Beside above, which side of the drywall faces out? The most effective method is to hang drywall so that the correct side faces outward. In other words, the side with brown paper should face the wood framing, and the light gray and beveled side should face outward.

Beside above, how do you secure plasterboard?

Use an offcut to keep your plasterboard just off the floor. This gives the plasterboard some clearance, allowing allow for floor expansion behind your skirting boards. Adjust your plasterboard so it is resting snugly against the wall in position. Nail or screw it into place on every stud.

Is Dry lining the same as plasterboard?

Dry-lining a wall means attaching plasterboard to a wall, which gives you a smooth finish to decorate straight away. It's much easier to get a good result this way than with wet plaster and it is easier alternative to re-plastering.

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