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Which waves carry more energy?

The different types of radiation are defined by the the amount of energy found in the photons. Radio waves have photons with low energies, microwave photons have a little more energy than radio waves, infrared photons have still more, then visible, ultraviolet, X-rays, and, the most energetic of all, gamma-rays.

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Furthermore, which wave has the greatest energy?

The Electromagnetic spectrum lists the most powerful EMR, gamma rays, to the least powerful EMR, radio waves. In addition, the highest energy waves (gamma, x-ray) have the shortest wavelengths. The lowest energy waves, radio waves, have longest wavelengths.

Furthermore, do waves carry energy? Light, heat, radio, and similar types of energy are carried by a variety of waves in the ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM. Some energy waves need a medium, such as water or air, through which to travel. The medium moves back and forth as waves carry energy through it, but it does not actually travel along with the wave.

Keeping this in view, what are high energy waves?

A high amplitude wave is a high-energy wave, and a low-amplitude wave is a low-energy wave. In the case of sound waves, a high amplitude sound will be loud, and a low amplitude sound will be quiet. And each of those photons contains an amount of energy that is proportional to the frequency.

Do high frequency sound waves have more energy?

The energy of a wave is not just a matter of frequency. For two waves of the same amplitude the higher frequency will have higher energy content because the medium is vibrating at faster speeds and its particles have higher kinetic energy. Loud low frequency sounds can have more energy than soft high frequency sounds.

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