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Which Virginia Geological Province is the oldest?

The Blue Ridge geologic province is a distinctive highland region that also exposes Virginia's oldest rocks. In central and northern Virginia, the Blue Ridge Mountains rise dramatically to elevations above 1,200 m (4000') with local relief up to 1000 m.

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Also know, what is the oldest province in Virginia?

The Blue Ridge is a high ridge separating the Piedmont from the Valley and Ridge Province. The billion-year-old igneous and metamorphic rocks of the Blue Ridge are the oldest in the state.

Similarly, which Va province is the youngest? Coastal Plain This is the youngest of the physiographic provinces, formed by sediments eroded from the Appalachian Highlands and deposited along the Atlantic shoreline. The Coastal Plain varies in topography from north to south.

Beside this, where is the oldest rock in Virginia?

The oldest rock in Virginia, the Nellysford gneiss found in Nelson County, has been a "Cheerio" of Virginia for 1.8 billion years. When that rock cooled into its current state, however, most of Virginia had not been created yet.

What is the geologic age of the Piedmont province?

The oldest rocks in the Piedmont are ~1,070 million years old, and occur in the enigmatic Goochland terrane to the west of Richmond.

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