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Which types of workload would be most suitable for deployment on Azure Virtual Machine?

Which types of workload would be most suitable for deployment on Azure virtual machines? Spiking workload All of the mentioned options Unpredictable growth workload Periodic workload
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Thereof, which of the following is supported on Azure virtual machines?

However, Windows Server roles not supported on Azure Virtual Machines are the following;

  • (i) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server.
  • (ii) Hyper-V.
  • (iii) Remote Access (Direct Access)
  • (iv) Windows Deployment Services.

which are endorsed distributions when deploying Linux as an Azure virtual machine? The Azure Marketplace offers a wide range of Azure-endorsed Linux distributions — including Ubuntu, SUSE, openSUSE, CentOS, and CoreOS. There, you can download preconfigured software images for Linux or Windows server VMs.

Besides, what is a workload in Azure?

The term workload is typically defined as an arbitrary unit of functionality, such as an application or service. It helps to think about a workload in terms of the code artifacts that are deployed to a server, and also other services specific to an application.

What is the fourth step of the basic steps for deploying a virtual machine in Azure?

Step 1 − Login to Azure Management Portal. Step 2 − Locate and click on 'Virtual Machines' in the left panel and then click on 'Create a Virtual Machine'. Step 3 − Alternatively, click 'New' at the bottom left corner and then click 'Compute' → 'Virtual Machine' →'Quick Create'. Step 4 − Enter DNS name.

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