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Which type of chemical bond is strongest?

ionic bond

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Similarly, you may ask, which is stronger ionic or covalent bonds?

Covalent is stronger because the 2 atoms involve share 2 or more outer shell electrons. Covalent bonds hold all of your biomolecules together. Ionic bonds are formed when a valence outer shell electron is transferred from one atom to another - a much weaker interaction.

Beside above, which bonds are the strongest and weakest? There are three different types of intermolecular forces in terms of strength. They are (strongest to weakest) hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole and Van der Waals' forces.

Similarly one may ask, what are the 3 types of chemical bonds and which is the strongest?

Bond Strength Description
Covalent Strong Two atoms share electrons.
Ionic Moderate Oppositely charged ions are attracted to each other.
Hydrogen Weak Forms between oppositely charges portions of covalently bonded hydrogen atoms.

Which ionic bond is the strongest?

The strength of the ionic bond depends on the charge the more the charge the more the stronger is the bond. Among Alf3, naf, mgf. Alf3 has the strongest ionic bond.

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