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Which tooth is referred to as the cornerstone of the dental arch?

called the "cornerstone" of the mouth because they are all located three teeth away from the midline, and separate the premolars from the incisors. as they complement both the premolars and incisors during mastication or chewing.

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Just so, what is the term for teeth that are in poor occlusion?


Similarly, what are the terms for the front teeth and for the back teeth? The front teeth between your canines are called incisors, and the large square teeth behind them are called molars.

Simply so, what are the most posterior teeth?

The most posterior teeth in the oral cavity are the molars.

What is the space between adjacent teeth?

Name the surface of the tooth that faces the tongue. What is the name for the space between adjacent teeth? Which one-third portion of a tooth's surface is positioned toward the end of the root? What is the technical term for class III occlusion?


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