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Which structure gives rise to lateral roots?

Pericycle is the outermost part of the stele. It is made up of parenchyma tissue. Its function is a formation of lateral roots in both dicot and monocot roots.

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Keeping this in view, how are lateral roots formed?

The formation of lateral roots are stimulated by auxin and other growth regulators. The lateral root arises at the exterior of the vascular cycliner. Since rice has polyarch root arrangement the lateral root arises opposite of the phloem. It begins with unequal, periclinal division of the the pericycle intial cells.

Secondly, what plants have lateral roots? Lateral roots extend horizontally from the primary root (radicle) and serve to anchor the plant securely into the soil. This branching of roots also contributes to water uptake, and facilitates the extraction of nutrients required for the growth and development of the plant.

Additionally, does the root apical meristem give rise to lateral roots?

Founder cells are those pericycle cells of the parent root that give rise to a primordium of a lateral root. There is some evidence that lateral root formation is specified within the root apical meristem.

How can you tell a root hair from a lateral root?

Root hairs grow from the maturation region of the root tip / lateral root grow from the central vascular cylinder of the primary root. Root hairs are smaller and live for a shorter time.

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