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Which regiment won the most VC?

The Victoria Cross is the nation's highest award for conspicuous gallantry in the presence of the enemy. The PWRR and its forebears have won a total of 57 Victoria Crosses, including that of Sergeant Johnson Beharry who was awarded a VC for his actions in Iraq in 2004.

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Similarly, who has won the most VCs?

Only 3 men have won two VC's in the history of the medal. The double VC holders were Surgeon Captain Arthur Martin-Leake, Captain Noel Chavasse and Captain Charles Upham. Surgeon Captain Arthur Martin-Leake won his first VC in 1902 during the Boer War.

Subsequently, question is, has anyone won the VC twice? Captain Charles Upham, who has died aged 86, twice won the Victoria Cross. Only three men have ever won double VCs, and the other two were medical officers: Col A Martin-Leake, who received the decoration in the Boer War and the First World War; and Capt N G Chavasse, who was killed in France in 1917.

Accordingly, do officers salute VC winners?

There is no official requirement that appears in the official warrant of the VC, nor in Queen's Regulations and Orders, but tradition dictates that this occurs and as such senior officers will salute a private awarded a VC or GC.

Has a woman ever won the VC?

Women have only been eligible to receive the Victoria Cross since 1921 and there have been no female winners since then. As a result, the medal given to Elizabeth Harris, although informal, is the only “VC” to have been awarded to a woman.

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