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Which port does samba use?

SAMBA uses ports 137 – 139 and 445.

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Considering this, what is port 139 commonly used for?

The port 139 is used for File and Printer Sharing but happens to be the single most dangerous Port on the Internet. This is so because it leaves the hard disk of a user exposed to hackers.

One may also ask, what port does winbind use? *** If tls enabled = yes (default) is set in your smb. conf file. **** The range matches the port range used by Windows Server 2008 and later. Samba versions before 4.7 used the TCP ports 1024 to 1300 instead.

Samba AD DC Port Usage.

Service Port Protocol
NetBIOS Datagram 138 udp
NetBIOS Session 139 tcp
LDAP 389 tcp/udp
SMB over TCP 445 tcp

People also ask, is SMB port 445 secure?

SMB Security Best Practices. blocking all versions of SMB at the network boundary by blocking TCP port 445 with related protocols on UDP ports 137-138 and TCP port 139, for all boundary devices.

What ports does NFS use?

Port 111 (TCP and UDP) and 2049 (TCP and UDP) for the NFS server. There are also ports for Cluster and client status (Port 1110 TCP for the former, and 1110 UDP for the latter) as well as a port for the NFS lock manager (Port 4045 TCP and UDP).

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