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Which part of the world is known as granaries of the world?

The grasslands (agricultural fields) especially of NorthAmerica are called Prairies. The Prairies have uniquecharacteristics of land, temperature and plants or vegetation. ThePrairies are known as the granaries of the worldbecause of the huge production of wheat.

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Likewise, why temperate grasslands are known as granaries of the world?

The Temperate Grasslands are also calledthe 'granaries of the world' as in these regions wheat iscultivated and produced on a large scale with the help ofmechanized tools and modern machinery. In these regions, largequantities of wheat are also exported.

Similarly, which part of grains is known as granary? granary. If you're wondering where to store yourgrain, the simple answer is — in a granary. Notmuch more to say, really. A granary is where grain isstored.

Simply so, why prairies are known as the breadbasket of the world?

Due to its extreme soil and climatic nature, the growthof wheat and other grains are enhanced. That's why, Prairiesof USA are called breadbasket of the world.

What are the temperate grasslands of North America called?

Answer: (a)The temperate Grasslands of NorthAmerica are called Prairies.

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