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Which part of the plant do we eat?

When we eat corn or peas we are eating seeds, and when we eat radish or carrot, we are eating roots. Cauliflower and broccoli plants produce flowers we like to eat. With some plants we eat more than one part. The root of the beet plant is what most people like to eat, but the leaves are also good to eat.

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Likewise, people ask, which part of plants do we use as food?

The various parts of plants which are used as food material by us are: Roots ,stems ,leaves ,flowers ,fruits ,seeds. We eat the roots of some plants as food. For example: carrot, radish, beetroot ,sweet potato, turnip.

Furthermore, which part of the rice plant do we eat? When we eat rice, we are eating the seed of the rice plant. Rice seeds, like all seeds, contain a tiny, baby plant called an embryo. The seed is like a lifeboat.

Additionally, which part of the potato plant do we eat?


When you eat an apple what part of the plant are you eating?

Actually the edible part of apple is modification of thalamus. The fruit with seeds is located inside it, which can not be eaten and would be planted after eating the edible thalamus.

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