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Which of the following could cause an extremely hard brake pedal?

Vacuum Pressure. Vacuum – or really lack of vacuum pressure – is the most common cause of a hard brake pedal, and therefore the first thing to look at when a hard pedal is present. An improper amount of vacuum creates a scenario where the diaphragms can't move the pushrod into the master cylinder.

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In this manner, why is brake pedal locked?

If your brake line is blocked or leaking it can make your brake pedal lock. Also, you may push your brake pedal too hard which can cause it to lock. The calipers on the pedals could be sticking, which will make your brake pedal lock. Calipers can be replaced if they are not functioning correctly.

Furthermore, which type of brake requires greater application force and is commonly used with power boost units? Disc brakes dissipate a large amount of heat when the vehicle is not in motion. The hydraulic pressure acting on the pads is perpendicular to the direction of the disc; these brakes have energising effect and are commonly used with power boost unit and require more force to stop the moving vehicle

which of the following can cause brake system dragging?

Brake drag is caused by the brake pads or shoes not releasing completely when the brake pedal is released. A worn or corroded master cylinder bore causes excess pedal effort resulting in dragging brakes. Brake Lines and Hoses: There may be pressure trapped in the brake line or hose after the pedal has been released.

How do you release a locked up brake?

To remove a caliper piston that has become seized, the hydraulic pressure of the brake system itself can be used. Remove the caliper from the disc, and pump the brake pedal to move the piston past the corroded portion. Now you should be able to disassemble and rebuild it.

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