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Which objective lens should be used first when examining a specimen with the compound microscope?

Why do you need to start with 4x in magnification on a microscope? The 4x objective lens has the lowest power and, therefore the highest field of view. As a result, it is easier to locate the specimen on the slide than if you start with a higher power objective.

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Then, when viewing a specimen with a compound light microscope which objective should be used first?

In order to ascertain the total magnification when viewing an image with a compound light microscope, take the power of the objective lens which is at 4x, 10x or 40x and multiply it by the power of the eyepiece which is typically 10x.

when using a compound microscope you should look through the? Compound Microscopes Look at the objective lens (3) and the stage from the side and turn the focus knob (4) so the stage moves upward. Move it up as far as it will go without letting the objective touch the coverslip. Look through the eyepiece (1) and move the focus knob until the image comes into focus.

People also ask, which objective lens do you first use when using the microscope?

ALWAYS use both hands when picking the microscope up and moving it from one place to another. 3. When focusing on a slide, ALWAYS start with either the 4X or 10X objective. Once you have the object in focus, then switch to the next higher power objective.

What to do if more light is needed to view the specimen?

The image should remain in focus if the lenses are of high quality.

  1. Change in Magnification. Changing from low power to high power increases the magnification of a specimen.
  2. Light Intensity Decreases. The light intensity decreases as magnification increases.
  3. Field of View.
  4. Depth of Field.
  5. Working Distance.
  6. Oil Immersion.

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