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Which meiotic division is Reductional?

Reduction division: The first cell division in meiosis, the process by which germ cells are formed. In reduction division, the chromosome number is reduced from diploid (46 chromosomes) to haploid (23 chromosomes). Also known as first meiotic division and first meiosis.

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In this manner, which meiotic division is similar to mitosis?

Meiosis I is a type of cell division unique to germ cells, while meiosis II is similar to mitosis. Meiosis I, the first meiotic division, begins with prophase I.

Similarly, how many divisions occur in meiosis? Two

Just so, which cell division is called Reductional division and why?


Why are there two divisions in meiosis?

From Amy: Q1 = Cells undergoing mitosis just divide once because they are forming two new genetically identical cells where as in meiosis cells require two sets of divisions because they need to make the cell a haploid cell which only has half of the total number of chromosomes.

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