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Which KISS member has the famous tongue?

Gene Simmons

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Furthermore, did kiss cut his tongue?

TIL Gene Simmons of KISS actually had surgery to "lengthen" his infamous tongue.

Beside above, is Gene Simmons tongue split? Reason Behind the Long Tongue of Gene Simmons According to some reports, Simmons has a long tongue because he had his sublingual frenulum cut. When this particular portion is cut, the tongue will look longer than usual although it remains to be the same length.

Keeping this in consideration, how long is Gene Simmons tongue from Kiss?

Everyone asks about the tongue (yes it's real and not a cow tongue as reported). It measures in at seven inches long, so if you ever have Gene over, make sure the floor is clean.

How much is Gene Simmons Tongue worth?

Gene Simmons was a heck of a performer on the stage and he's led an interesting life. He's amassed a tremendous fortune throughout his life and career and he's worth an estimated $300 million.

How Gene Simmons Achieved a Net Worth of $300 Million.

Net Worth $300 Million
Age 70
Born Tirat Carmel
Birth Date August 25, 1949

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