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Which is the root class of Java exception hierarchy?

Throwable class

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Hereof, what is the exception hierarchy in Java?

Exception Hierarchy All exception and errors types are sub classes of class Throwable, which is base class of hierarchy. One branch is headed by Exception. This class is used for exceptional conditions that user programs should catch. NullPointerException is an example of such an exception.

Subsequently, question is, what is exception and what is the base class of it? Firstly, the base class of all things that can be thrown is Throwable (not Exception ). Under Throwable are two subclasses: Exception and Error . Under Exception is RuntimeException . Of these 4 main classes, RuntimeException and Error are unchecked (may be thrown without having to be declared as being thrown).

Herein, what is the parent class of exception in Java?

The parent class of all the exception classes is the java. lang. Exception class.

Which class is highest in hierarchy in Java?

The Object class, in the java. lang package, sits at the top of the class hierarchy tree. Every class is a descendant, direct or indirect, of the Object class. Every class you use or write inherits the instance methods of Object.

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