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Which is an example of chemical contamination?

Chemical contamination occurs when food is contaminated by chemicals. Some of the most common causes of chemical contamination are cleaning products or pesticides and herbicides from unwashed fruit and vegetables. Examples of chemical contaminants are: industrial chemicals.

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Just so, what is an example of a chemical contaminant?

Examples of chemical contaminants include the following: mycotoxins. heavy metals - lead and mercury. organic pollutants - dioxins.

Likewise, which are the 3 most common sources of chemical contamination? The origins of chemical contaminants are various from the field to the plate, namely soil, environment, disinfection by-products, personal care products, air, water, and packaging material.

Also asked, what is chemical contamination?

Chemical contamination refers to the addition or appearance of chemical substances in inappropriate places, including the workplace, home, food, and environment. Let's go over some examples of chemical contaminants and where they may be found.

What are chemical contaminants food handlers?

Chemical Contaminants. Includes non-microbial contaminants such as pesticide residues, heavy metals, and other toxic substances. Industrial chemicals, related chemicals and other chemical contaminants monitored by the FDA in relation to food safety and supply.

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