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Which invention do you think has had the most lasting influence?

The Millennium's Most Influential Innovations. The one single event in the last millennium that had the most lasting impact is the invention of printing with movable type by Gutenberg between 1445 and 1455.

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Correspondingly, which invention do you think had the most lasting influence?

Air brakes system for railroads invented by George Westinghouse. Air brakes made it possible for trains to transport heavy loads, heavy loads meant more things to trade and more trade means more profit being made.

Subsequently, question is, which invention or development described in this section had the greatest impact on society? the effect of inventions on the workplace The greatest invention on society factored into electricity. The development of electricity changed how people lived and the way people worked. The way people lived were mainly changed because it made household appliances easier to function and to be managed.

In this regard, which invention do you think had the greatest impact on America in the 1800s?

Which invention do you think had the greatest impact on America in the 1800's: oil drilling, the Bessemer process, or electricity?

What were two significant factors in the growth of US industry?

Several factors led to the rise of U.S. industrialization in the late 1800's. New technologies like steam engines, railroads, and telegraphs made communication and transportation easier. The ability to source and transport materials across the country with ease turned many local businesses into national companies.

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