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Which heart sound is the loudest?

In a normal heart S1 is louder than S2 in the apex, and S2 is louder than S1 in the base. Compare the sounds from apex to base of the heart. S1 is generated by closure of mitral and tricuspid valves and they are close to the apex of heart.

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Also, why is the first heart sound the loudest?

The intensity of the first sound is primarily related to the position of the AV valves at the onset of ventricular systole. The first sound is usually louder in subjects with a short PQ interval than in those with a long PQ interval.

where is the s1 sound heard the loudest? S1 heart sound is a low frequency sound, occurring at the beginning of systole. S1 can be best heard over the apex, using a stethoscope's bell or diaphragm. The first heart sound is caused by turbulence created when the mitral and tricuspid values close. S1 and S2 heart sounds are often described as lub - dub.

Regarding this, which heart sound is loudest Auscultated?

The intensity of S1 depends upon: the position of the AV valves at the onset of ventricular systole, the structure of the leaflets themselves, and the rate of pressure rise in the ventricle. Normally, S1 is louder than S2 at the apex, and softer than S2 at the base of the heart.

Is LUBB or DUPP louder?

Normally, two distinct sounds are heard through the stethoscope: a low, slightly prolonged “lub” (first sound) occurring at the beginning of ventricular contraction, or systole, and produced by closure of the mitral and tricuspid valves, and a sharper, higher-pitched “dup” (second sound), caused…

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